C6079TR - You're Not On Your Own

You're Not On Your Own

A6 Paper (105mm × 148mm)

Sometimes an encouraging word can make someone's day. This tract has a message of hope inside to help communicate the love of Christ through the coronavirus pandemic.

There is space on the back of this tract for you to add your church contact details. These can be added with the CPO online customisation tool, or added by hand at home.

Inside this tract:

You’re not on your own

Isolation. Loneliness. These four walls. It’s something some of us have had to grapple with long before this year. BV. Before the Virus. Maybe we’ve had poor health, and we’ve been restricted in how much we can go out long before the word ‘lockdown’ came into everyday use. Perhaps it’s old age. Many of our friends and family have died or moved away, and we seem to have become somehow invisible. Forgotten. Or maybe it’s because we’ve lost a loved one, a partner, and our confidence has been rocked. We’ve lost track of who we are, and their death is something we’ve never really come to terms with. So now, words like ‘lockdown’, ‘shielding’ and phrases like ‘those at most risk’ have become part of our conversation. There may be more of us, but we’re still isolated, struggling to find friendship, community – and hope.

Good news

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom. One thing the pandemic has brought to many communities is a fresh appreciation for what’s really important. We’ve begun to look out for our neighbours again. We’ve had time to think – and rediscover what’s really important in life. We’ve had to find new ways of connecting with those we love – even if it’s via a digital quiz. As a church, we haven’t been able to meet together physically for many weeks, and we’ve had to reinvent how we worship God together, helped by technology. Because God's love isn’t stopped by a virus. God loves us dearly and is available to us when we pray. Jesus promised never to leave or forsake his followers, to be alongside them through whatever they came up against. And whether you believe in God or not, He believes in you. He wants to share life with you, to bring you forgiveness for the past, his daily presence through your day and to hold out real hope for the future.

On the back of this tract:

Contact us, we'd love to chat...

We’d love to help you get to know him – you can find us online at the address below, but if you don’t use the internet or social media, why not just pick the phone up and give us a call?
We’d love to chat, to find ways we could help you be part of our community – and find real friendship with God.

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