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Neon Life - Video

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Neon, in greek, means 'New Life'.

That’s what CPO is all about and that’s our vision for Easter 2021. As we approach Easter 2021 and the easing of lockdown restrictions, we wanted to flood the UK with hope, new life, reconciliation and gratitude. Why? To magnify the message of new life found in the Easter story and the Gospel.

We joined up with the team at Digital Church Toolkit to plan a campaign across print, online and in churches. We started by sharing stories of hope on social media. We then launched a competition for Christian creatives in the UK to create art which expresses the meaning of Easter in their own lives. We engaged with poets, rap artists, sculptors, animators, spoken - word artists, writers, dancers, designers, videographers - anything creative.

Finally, we partnered with a Christian creative collective based in Bath, Orphan No More. Together, with Orphan No More, we have produced a video which communicated the story of Easter in a fresh way, highlighting the hope that we can all find in the Gospel. This video is available for download here and can be included as part of your Easter Sunday services or shared on your on social media channels!

We believe there has never been a better time to creatively capture the imaginations of our nation with the Gospel.


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