H1004WW - Weddings Couple's pack - Folder with Leaflets
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Weddings Couple's pack - Folder with Leaflets

A new, improved folder. Each folder contains 9 leaflets which give updated, practical information about marrying in church. There’s now an extra pocket for your own information, and church contact details can be overprinted on the back.

At the start of their wedding-planning journey, couples are keen to collect plenty of information. This new format card folder contains nine leaflets tucked in one side, with an additional empty pocket on the other side to insert your own information. It’s ideal for giving to couples when they first contact the church, or, can be given out at local wedding shows. There are different pack sizes available depending on your needs. Church details can be overprinted on the back of the folder before you order.

The leaflets cover:-

• Why marry in church? - explains what’s unique about a church wedding

• Legal requirements for a church wedding

• Just ask – commonly asked questions or worries with helpful answers

• Churches to choose from – how to find a church where you can marry, with an easy-to-understand outline of the Marriage Measure connections

• The cost of church weddings – explains the difference between statutory fees and optional extra costs

• Choosing hymns and readings for your wedding – a brief guide which encourages further reading of the hymns and readings pages on yourchurchwedding.org

• Taking pictures and films of your wedding – a guide to liaising with photographers, and a reminder of the legal considerations of filming

• Children are welcome – a reassuring leaflet about how the church welcomes children, whether they’re guests’ children, or the couple’s

• Having your marriage blessed – all about having a blessing after a civil wedding

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