H2008MRB - Christenings Decorative Stand-up Banner I

Christenings Decorative Stand-up Banner I

Xpres Transfer 10 Square cm (1 Sq deci-metre)

A large, colourful banner, ideal for christenings or Godparents’ Sunday. Unrolls and simply clicks into place to create an attractive display. Available in economy and premium variants. This one features the words spoken at the moment of baptism.

Church of England research with parents confirms that a christening is seen as a really happy, special occasion that warrants dressing up and a family party. It’s one of the most joyful occasions celebrated in church too. This banner helps to create a colourful display in church that marks out a particular service, whether a christening or Godparents’ Sunday, as something very special. The rolled-up banner is simply pulled out of its holder to create a sturdy display that stands up on its own. Measures 850mm x 2m when open, and rolls away again into its holder for easy storage. The ‘economy’ variant is suitable for one-off events or infrequent use. The ‘premium’ variant is made with durable materials, making it a longer-lasting item more suitable for frequent use.

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