MWA1903 - Woman Alive March 2019

Woman Alive March 2019

Woman Alive is the original UK monthly woman’s magazine specifically for Christian women. It covers all denominations and seeks to inspire, encourage and resource women in their faith, helping them to grow in their relationship with God and providing practical help and a biblical perspective on the issues impacting their lives. Click here to find out more.

The March 2019 issue:

News and views

2 Our 2019 conference – Booking is now open!

8 Your letters – on Christmas crafts, angels and our January issue

22 The truth about cannabis and epilepsy – Why it’s not the new wonder drug

47 Next month – Coming soon in our April issue

48 Book club – Recommended reads and an interview with Scot McKnight

Ideas and inspiration

28 Make a spring resolution – Penelope Wilcock says this is the time to make changes and decide on our priorities

30 Build your confidence – Top tips to help you thrive in your faith, witness and work

39 Rediscover your creative spark – It’s vital to your health and wellbeing, says Ann Clifford

40 Make a difference this Lent – Seven ideas to do good this month

42 Enjoy this month – Recommended film, DVD and books for children

Real lives

10 Amy Orr-Ewing – On her life-long passion for evangelism, concern for young people and what the Church needs to focus on now

17 Asia Bibi – Why the illiterate mother of five has become the most hated woman in Pakistan

18 Women who change their world – Meet three enterprising women working to make the world a better place for others

40 The henna and hat lady – How one woman is using her creative skills to reach out to a diverse community

Good advice

14 How long should you pray about an issue? – Jennifer Rees Larcombe explains why this is the wrong question to ask

25 Singled out – Hopeful Girl has some suggestions for those who find Mothering Sunday difficult

36 Couples’ counsel – How to stay happy ever after in the bedroom


7 Rise up, women of God – Encourage one another with our prayer this month

26 The wife of Pontius Pilate – Separating the truth from the myths

50 Man Alive – Russ Bravo ponders some of the strange rituals associated with Lent


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