R1001WWC5 - Enclosing folder

Welcome Pack Folder

Square Photo Board 29.5 x 29.5 x 1.5cm

The concept is simple. When someone receives a pack of high quality printed material they feel valued. Many churches offer newcomers to their community an exemplary welcome, which will often include a pack of printed material as well as personal contact such as a phone call or a visit.

Research has shown that more than anything welcome is about friendliness and follow up a smiling, chatting, being interested in people's lives, and paper tools only support that genuine warmth.

You may now be wondering what to include in your 'welcome pack'. You could add a label to the front of the pack identifying your particular church if you wish. Inside, you can place A5 leaflets, postcard-sized items (A6), or A4 documents folded in half.

The most important thing is a welcome letter from the incumbent or some other trusted representative of the church community. If you want to produce this on smart diocesan stationary, order a pack of 'blanks' from this website and then overprint†the letter.

Then there will be other local information, such as who's who and times of services. Again, you can order 'blanks' from this website for these too.

If you can negotiate a deal with a local café or tea room, a voucher for a free drink could be an excellent inclusion in the pack.

For regional and national materials, there's a choice of content available, some of it on this website, but don't overwhelm newcomers with too much! What you put in will depend on your target audience demographics, your budget and your goals. Just select a handful of items to include.


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