V4979LBD - TKC Pray For Five Friends - Leather Band
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TKC Pray For Five Friends - Leather Band


Take this piece of leather and tie five knots in it to represent each of the five people you have committed to pray for. You could carry the knotted string in your pocket, tie it round your wrist or place it somewhere that you’ll see it regularly. Use the knots to remind you to pray for each person on your list of five. There are some suggested prayers at: thykingdom.co.uk/praying-for-five-friends. They are designed to be used with the cards here.

Each pack contains 10 bands. If you need more than 500 bands please contact us. Please note that the initial subsidised bands have now all been snapped up. These bands are only 40p each for a durable strip of 3mm square, 50cm long leather for knotting five times and tying safely around a wrist.

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