V5591PK - Pilgrim Passport (Bulk Orders)

Pilgrim Passport (Bulk Orders)

Many of us see life as a journey enriched by special people and special places. For hundreds of years, cathedrals have been such places, filled with astonishing beauty, fascinating history, and glorious music, drawing pilgrims of all ages in search of peace, healing and joy.

Invite people who come into your cathedral to use this passport for their own adventure of discovery, following in the footsteps of many thousands of pilgrims who have come to these places over the centuries to learn, to think about their lives, and ask for God’s help and guidance.

How people can use this passport:

  • Visit a cathedral and ask at the welcome desk or in the shop for a stamp or sticker for their passport.
  • Use the checklist and pages of the passport to note the names and dates of places they visit, and their experience.
  • Use the passport to record visits to other cathedrals, churches, abbeys, and places of pilgrimage in the British Isles.
  • Many of these places will offer tours, trails and special events for everyone to enjoy.

See the Price and Size guide for prices.

1 unit = 100 passports

3 units = 300 passports

8 units = 800 passports

10 units = 1000 passports

15 units = 1500 passports

20 units = 2000 passports

Please call 01903 263354 to place your bulk quantity order.

This is a bulk pack of Pilgrim Passports for cathedrals to purchase at a trade price.

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Quantity Unit Price Price
1 £234.00 £234.00
3 £216.00 £648.00
8 £203.00 £1,624.00
10 £199.00 £1,990.00
15 £194.00 £2,910.00
20 £189.00 £3,780.00