V5605BT - TKC Methodist Novena 2019

TKC Methodist Novena - Nine Days of Prayer

Thy Kingdom Come is a global initiative, in which Christians are called to pray for the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost. We are invited to pray for God’s Spirit to move within the church, equipping us to share God’s love with others and to pay attention to how God is speaking to us today.

You can use these daily prayers, readings and reflections at any time of the year.

To find out more about Thy Kingdom Come, visit:

www.thykingdomcome.global or


Using this book

Choose a time that works for you – each of these reflections lasts between five and ten minutes, though you might choose to pause for longer.

Choose a place that works for you – some people can pray on the bus, whilst walking the dog or in the midst of a busy day at work. Others need quiet and calm, a special place to focus; perhaps at home with a candle lit or in a church that is open for prayer.

Reflect on the image for the day. What do you see in the image? Does it comfort you or disturb you? Are you challenged or intrigued?

Reflect on the Bible passage. What is happening in the text? Who are the people involved, how are they impacted by the events happening to them and around them? Can you see God at work in the text?

Wonder at God’s grace and love and wonder how you might respond in your own life.

Listen for a while and ask God’s Spirit for a word or image, a gift of insight that leads to greater compassion, deeper wisdom, a sense of God’s call on your life.

Respond in your own prayers and gather your thoughts together in the prayer offered for each day.

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