Z1166 - Highway Code for Happiness

Highway Code for Happiness

ISBN: 978-1-85-345485-1

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Some people have everything yet are miserable; others have little or nothing but are full of life and vitality. What makes the difference is the discovery that what happens to you, however hard, need not ultimately control how you feel. Happiness (or unhappiness) is largely a choice. Seek happiness for itself, and it escapes you. But if you aim for other, better, higher things, you may find it follows you. What constitutes well-being and a full life is examined in these pages. The authors hold a Christian worldview but invite those who may not share it to join them in the values which, make for wholeness. Here is no empty promise of some magic 'ten easy steps to happiness', no quick fixes or short cuts. Rather, the reader will find that dreams need discipline, contentment comes through character, and it is meaning that makes life worthwhile. Happiness is a serious business! Publisher CWR Paperback 128 Pages


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