Z1286 - The Barnabas Children's Bible

The Barnabas Children's Bible

ISBN: 978-0-85-746081-3

The Barnabas Children's Bible presents a continuous thread from Genesis to Revelation in chronological rather than biblical, order.

With stylish illustrations, here there are retellings of familiar and less well-known Bible passages. The 365 stories could be used as daily readings or as a dip-in read, providing an ideal transition from a book of Bible stories to the text and layout of an adult Bible.

Each story has a Bible quotation from the CEV, encapsulating a truth from the story. Children can familiarize themselves with the wealth of literature in the Bible using the full contents of stories or the useful indexes of people and famous passages.

There is also a fascinating encyclopedia of background information on topics including civilisations, food, towns religious practices, and daily life.

Suitable for 7 to 11 years olds

Publisher Bible Reading Fellowship


352 Pages

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