Z1444BT - Discovering the Way (Pk 5)

Discovering the Way (Pk 5)

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Vital Steps to Finding God

Discovering the Way, sets out clearly and simply the steps to finding God and entering into a relationship with Him. Referring to key Bible texts, readers are encouraged to consider: the evidence for a Creator God; the idea that God wants to enjoy a close relationship with the people He has created; what is sin; why we need to repent; why Jesus came to earth; what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how to become a Christian. A prayer of commitment is included towards the end of the booklet, which forms a helpful guide for the reader who decides to follow Jesus. The ‘What Happens Next?’ section explains to the new believer the importance of telling others of their faith, establishing a Quiet Time and joining a church.

Written by Selwyn Hughes and published by CWR


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