Z1444BT - Discovering the Way (Pk 5)

Discovering the Way (Pk 5)

Vital Steps to Finding God

Discovering the Way, sets out clearly and simply the steps to finding God and entering into a relationship with Him. Referring to key Bible texts, readers are encouraged to consider: the evidence for a Creator God; the idea that God wants to enjoy a close relationship with the people He has created; what is sin; why we need to repent; why Jesus came to earth; what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how to become a Christian. A prayer of commitment is included towards the end of the booklet, which forms a helpful guide for the reader who decides to follow Jesus. The ‘What Happens Next?’ section explains to the new believer the importance of telling others of their faith, establishing a Quiet Time and joining a church.

Written by Selwyn Hughes and published by CWR


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