Z1889DVD - Jesus The Wounded Healer DVD

Jesus The Wounded Healer DVD

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Jesus' ability to heal our wounds flows from the fact that He Himself experienced our wounds. The God we see in Jesus did not study our sufferings from a distance in a cold and detached way, but wrapped Himself in our flesh and felt what we feel.

These 5 insightful, 15-minute (approx) sessions will increase your awareness that Jesus is committed to us and can relieve and support us through the pain we experience in life, giving us hope and strength to face whatever comes our way.

You will also see afresh that God can turn what is meant for evil into good.

Presented by CWR's Chief Executive Mick Brooks at Wintershall Estate in Surrey with footage from their famous Life of Christ open-air production.

This resource pack includes one DVD with five sessions entitled:

* Jesus: His Wounds Answer Our Wounds
* Jesus: ‘Why Have You Forsaken Me?’
* Jesus: Misunderstood and Criticised
* Jesus: Living through Loss and Grief
* Jesus: Resurrection Hope.

Plus one personal study booklet with discussion starters, prayers and five weeks of daily Bible-reading notes based on Every Day with Jesus – Healing Wounds written by Selwyn Hughes. (One copy recommended for each group participant.)

Suitable for small-group or individual use – and ideal for lent!


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