Z1911PK - NIV Popular Burgundy HB Bible (Pack of 20)

NIV Popular Burgundy HB Bible (Pack of 20)

ISBN: 978-1-44-470149-4

NIV Popular Bible: Burgundy, Hardback edition uses the new NIV revised text but closely matches the pagination of the previous edition.

The Bible features a lists of key people, events and maps on the endpapers – helping readers navigate their way around the Bible and to understand key elements on the Bible. The Bible footnotes arranged by column to make them easier to find in the text.

The mission of the NIV Bible is to reach out to people around the world with a faithful translation of God's word.

This Bible uses anglicised text, with British spelling, grammar and punctuation to allow the Bible to be read fluently and understood more easily.

The 2011 NIV translation's goal is to bring the translation into line with both contemporary biblical scholarship and with changes in English language idiom and usage. The 1984 NIV update included various corrections and revisions to the original NIV text. In 2005 a revision process was completed that resulted in the separately published Today's New International Version. The 2011 NIV update builds on both the original NIV and TNIV.

95% of the text of the new updated 2011 edition of the NIV is exactly the same as the 1984 text that it replaces. The majority of changes involve minor matters of vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation. Some of the other change reflect advances in biblical scholarship over the last three decades. Reasons for the change in text in the new NIV 2011 edition fall into three categories:

  1. Changes in English.
  2. Progress in Scholarship.
  3. Concern for Clarity.

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1280 Pages


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