Z2011 - Insight Pamphlet -Depression (Pk10)

Insight Pamphlet -Depression (Pk10)

ISBN: 978-1-85-345609-1

The Waverley Abbey Insight series 'Depression' is taken from the book of the same title. The writers and tutors have condensed their writings into a six-leaf pamphlet for pastoral workers and church leaders and others to give to those needing help, information and advice.

Based on the Waverley Abbey Insight Day on depressions led by Chris Ledger, this pamphlet, written by Chris and Wendy Bray, will help those suffering from depression. Drawing on Chris's many years of experience counselling those suffering from depression and having seen the torment and despair that it brings, the leaflet aims to help people understand depression better, includes personal insight and practical activities, and offers a God-centered approach to understanding and moving beyond depression.

Provides accessible at-a-glance information.


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