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Heaven Bound

ISBN: 978-1-85-345267-3

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Does heaven feel real to you, or vague and ethereal? We can be 'so heavenly minded we're no earthly use'; but those Christians who did the most for this world thought a good deal about the next one.

What evidence is there that heaven exists, and how can we taste its reality now?
What is heaven really like, and what goes on there?
What lies beyond the grave, and how can we face death with confidence and peace?

In Heaven Bound, Selwyn Hughes masterfully answers these questions and brings the insight of over 50 years of teaching to a subject rarely addressed. The book should help you to:

Cope with the tension of being a 'pilgrim-ambassador'
Be anchored and secure in a turbulent world
Find the faith and love that spring from heaven's hope.

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108 Pages


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