Z2425BT - There Are No Strong People - Book

There Are No Strong People - Book

ISBN: 978-1-85-345624-4

Described as provocative, breathtakingly honest, as a Grisham-like page turner, Jeff Lucas’ latest book 'There are no strong people' is a journey through the life of famous strongman Samson - a man who was massively blessed by God - but who largely squandered that blessing because of poor choices. A book about a man, but written for women as well as men, Jeff unpacks some surprising truths that emerge from the Samson story -

We tend to think of ourselves as people who have strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that sometimes our strengths make us weak - we need to identify the counterpart weaknesses that our strengths create

People tend to categorise others as good or bad. Most of us are a mixture of both - and we should be aware that we are capable of making stunning mistakes

Church is an ideal environment for immorality to flourish - because our spirituality and sexuality are mingled together.

What we play with will make playthings of us

  • Samson ends up being celebrated by God, despite all his failings. Why?

More a journey of reflection and prose than a bible study on a character, There are no strong people will bring the tragedies and triumphs of Samson to life for our 21st century living.

Publisher CWR Publishing


216 Pages


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