Z2885BT - Ministry Rediscovered

Ministry Rediscovered

ISBN: 978-1-84-101616-0

Is this cloning helpful for engaging communities... in many cases not, says Mike Starkey, who sees two main models of church leadership on offer, both of which centre on being a guardian of an existing, established way of being church.

Some leaders guard the traditions of a denomination or churchmanship - whether high or low, contemporary or traditional. They aspire to being competent stewards of their tradition in changing times and aim for 'correctness' within the terms of that tradition. This in turn reassures those worshippers who are relieved to find an almost identical pattern of worship when visiting another church.

Other leaders are not so much interested in perpetuating an existing tradition as in finding a brand-new approach promoted by a large successful church. This often involves attending the latest conferences and purchasing off-the-peg resources. But this approach can often be equally inflexible. With both models, all of the reference points for what church is are determined away from the locality. It is central buying in a new guise, permitting little local creativity, little uniqueness.

Mike's experience of city parishes has led him to regard both approaches as inadequate. The need to think outside the box and become creative becomes essential for a church to move forward. He calls for churches to consider how they can nurture something in their own context, which grows authentically out of the local community, congregation and leadership. Church leaders should reposition themselves as explorers, creative people who take others on a journey of discovery for the sheer excitement of travelling and the wonder of arriving at new places not seen before, opening up fresh possibilities - a journey with no predetermined ending but one that has theological and spiritual integrity.

Mike supports his position by including in the book episodes from his own parish experience and stories from other church communities around the UK.

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