Z3499BT - Bake through the Bible

Bake through the Bible

ISBN: 978-1-90-955900-4

For ‘Great British Bake Off’ fans, explore the Bible while cooking through 20 delicious recipes! By Susie Bentley-Taylor & Bekah Moore. Great for prize-givings and gifts.


  1. God makes everything: Creation cookies

  2. God’s people disobey him: Sad pizza faces

  3. God makes amazing promises: Sparkly promise cookies

  4. God’s people grow: Bread shapes

  5. God rescues his people: Lamb burgers

  6. God shows us how to live: Frozen fruit treats

  7. God gives his people a home: Egg people in bread homes

  8. God looks after his people: Thirst-quenching smoothies

  9. God promises a Forever-King: Crown cookies

  10. God promises a Rescuer: Happy crêpe faces

  11. The birth of Jesus: Christmas cupcakes

  12. The shepherds and the star: Starry jam tarts

  13. Jesus feeds thousands: Spiral tuna wraps

  14. Jesus calms the storm: Jelly boats

  15. Jesus can open blind eyes: See-through eyes

  16. Jesus dies: The cross: Hot cross buns

  17. Jesus lives: The resurrection: Empty bread tomb with Easter dips

  18. Jesus gives his friends a job: Fruity chocolate fudge gifts

  19. Jesus can make our hearts clean: Dirty and clean heart biscuits

  20. God's new creation: Gooey chocolate dessert


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