Z3538BT - Living on a Prayer

Living on a Prayer

ISBN: 978-1-78-259585-4

Written especially for the National Prayer Weekend, by Carla Harding with Pete Greig from 24-7 Prayer, this 16-page booklet offers a contemporary and honest look at how effective prayer can be in our everyday lives, introducing readers to prayer perhaps for the very first time.

Ideal to pass on to a friend or neighbour Living on a Prayer invites people to think about prayer in a way that relates to everyone’s ordinary lives. It invites people to think about the point of prayer, why they should pray and how to go about it.

Practical advice breaks down the myth that prayer is something that only church leaders do and reveals prayer for what it really is, a simple, real and achievable conversation and relationship with God.

Shrink wrapped pack of 10 booklets.

165mm x 106mm, 16 pages.


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