Z3598DVD - Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer

ISBN: 506-0-42-495575-6

This DVD course explores how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it still matters today. It helps unpack how issues such as equality and care for the poor are underpinned by Jesus’ teaching, and how his message is still relevant today. With contributors including Rico Tice and Paula Gooder, this is ideal for churches, small groups or evangelism.


  1. Jesus

  2. Equality

  3. Forgiveness

  4. Women & Children

  5. Democracy

  6. Care

  7. Leadership

  8. Education & Health

  9. Wealth

  10. Reason & Science

“A growing number of people now believe that the Christian Church is a negative influence. They want to take the Christian voice out of the public square. Yet the values we hold most dear in western democracies are directly attributable to the life and teaching of Jesus… Christians can be confident that their faith stands on solid ground and that it holds up to scrutiny in both history and philosophy. In current debates, the influence of Jesus on culture has been largely lost or ignored. We want to communicate that western civilisation would not exist if it were not for Jesus.”

Karl Faase, Olive Tree Media, on the motivation behind ‘Jesus The Game Changer'

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