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Church Online: websites

We’ve been listening to churches who have told us they’d like support in their communications - particularly in this digital age. We’ve written this book to help.

Written by CPO’s Director of Innovation and published by BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship), you can get books based on websites, social media, internal and external communication. Combining missional vision with practical advice, these little A6 96pp books are ideal for church teams who want to reach their communities effectively, and a perfect gift for church leaders who are short on time but need fast relevant advice.

If you need a crash course, a brief refresher or a reference toolkit, these offer a simple combination of vision, strategy, next steps and resources.

This book is Church Online: websites - Why it matters, what to consider first, next steps and a toolkit, so that churches and charities can easily improve their site, or set one up.

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“The question is ‘Can your church afford not to have a decent website and a social media presence?’ The answer is that it’s a no brainer. Want to know how and to think through the issues? These booklets are a great resource to help you think take the first steps. Highly recommended and essential reading.” Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden & Deputy Bishop of London.

"An essential resource for all church leaders." Jo Swinney, Editor, 'Preach' magazine

“Balanced, supportive, encouraging, practical, with an emphasis on the online/offline mix. A total thumbs up!" Dr Bex Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University and author of Raising Children in a Digital Age

"Websites and social media can be so intimidating. So much so that churches might not know where to begin. But to be effective communicators in today’s world churches need an online presence. Just as shoppers browse before they buy, people explore the online presence of a church before they put a foot in the door. These straightforward guides from CPO are written for beginners and those more experienced, making it easy to take the first vital steps into the digital realm." Catherine Butcher, Head of Communications for HOPE and author of 'The Servant Queen and the King she serves.'

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