Z3605PK - Church Reach Out Pack

Church Reach Out Pack

Ideal for church teams who want to reach their communities effectively, and a perfect gift for church leaders and volunteers who are short on time but need fast relevant advice. Whether you're looking for a crash course, a brief refresher or a reference toolkit, you'll find just what you need. Advice you can read and apply, from people you can trust.

This set contains four books:

Church from the outside

This book helps you see your church with the eyes of your neighbours and create visual communications to reach them.

Church from the inside

This book provides practical ideas so that people are warmly welcomed with clear and relevant communication.

Church Online: social media

This book will help you understand the role social media can play, both for churches active in it, or those who just want to understand it better.

Church Online: websites

This book is on why a website matters, what to consider first, next steps and a toolkit, so that churches and charities can easily improve their site, or set one up.


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