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Who do you say I am?

Who Do You Say I Am? is a book, a four-minute film to show in an Easter guest service, and an invitation to a short course to explore a question Jesus asked 2,000 years ago: Who Do You Say I Am?

The Talking Jesus research (talkingjesus.org) shows that four in ten people in the UK don’t know if Jesus was a real person. The illustrated, large format paperback Who Do You Say I Am? takes readers on a journey of discovery with interviews, testimonies and quotes from the eye-witness accounts in the Gospels. This is backed up with a four-minute film. Interviews with an astrophysicist, a theologian and an art historian are included alongside footage shot in the Middle East in the places Jesus lived.

Show the film at your Easter guest service. Give the book as a gift, then invite guests to a short course: Life Explored. HOPE is offering three of the seven Life Explored sessions free. Life Explored asks the question ‘What makes you happy’ and points to Jesus as the one person who can satisfy our deepest desires for happiness.

Pack of 10 books.

This product is also available as a single sample copy.

Rico Tice | HOPE Easter video.


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