Z3695BT - Christmas through the Keyhole

Christmas through the Keyhole

ISBN: 978-0-85-746520-7

Soaked in the older scriptures of the Jewish people, the songs Luke records in his inspired Gospel - the songs of Mary, Zechariah, Simeon and the angels at Bethlehem - reveal the wonderful truth that 'in the town of David a Saviour has been born to us'. Their words are often those of the Old Testament; their style one of passionate and reverent worship. Their tone is one of humility, yet their rhythm indicates confident praise.

Acclaimed writer and conference speaker Derek Tidball leads us through these songs, demonstrating the gracious purposes of God that they celebrate in the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas through the Keyhole is sure to turn Advent into a time of gratitude and worship as we think through these songs afresh.



Jesus - the hope of the needy

3 December: Daughter of grace

4 December: Warrior God

5 December: Holy God

6 December: Merciful God

7 December: Searching God

8 December: Revolutionary God

9 December: Faithful God

Jesus - the redeemer of the world

10 December: Inspired song

11 December: Servant king

12 December: Promising prophets

13 December: Sacred covenant

14 December: Willing servants

15 December: Pioneering prophet

16 December: Radical salvation

17 December: Spreading light

Jesus - the joy of the earth

18 December: Angels

19 December: Glory

20 December: Heaven

21 December: Earth

22 December: Peace

23 December: Favour

Jesus - the light of the nations

24 December: Longing for salvation

25 December: The arrival of salvation

26 December: Witness to salvation

27 December: The transparency of salvation

28 December: The scope of salvation

29 December: The cost of salvation

30 December: Confirmation of salvation

Jesus - the splendour of the creation

31 December: In the beginning

1 January: The embodied Word

2 January: Firstborn of all creation

3 January: The pre-eminent one

4 January: God has spoken

5 January: The radiance of God's glory

6 January: Worship Jesus

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