Z3701BT - Knowing God

Knowing God

ISBN: 978-0-99-337578-1

Life's a big and sometimes scary adventure. Like all adventures it's good to have someone with you and I want to tell you how you can know God as your friend.

Want to explore big questions with small children?

In Knowing God, J. John distils profound theology through simple images and language. Ideal for anyone wanting kid's books with depth

Knowing God is a whole new kind of book for young children. Written by Cannon J. John, whose books have opened up Theology and Bible study for many, this pre-school children takes a different approach to most other Bible story books.

Instead of merely telling stories of what happened in the Bible, Knowing God distills powerful Theology into simple words and ideas. It shows all those stories from the Bible are so important, and it shows what it can mean to really know God. In Knowing God, faith is an adventure!

Children will discover how God can be their friend, and what that means.

The life-filled illustration throughout Knowing God are as timeless as the ideas they show. They all help make the book a colourful guide to faith.

Whether you are looking to give story-time new depth, or are looking to try something different in Sunday School, Knowing God is here for you. It's a message that will never grow old, and the start of an adventure to last a lifetime. It shows how there is nothing more exciting than the privilege of Knowing God!


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