Z3705BT - GNB Gospel of Mark -Dyslexia-friendly Edition

GNB Gospel of Mark -Dyslexia-friendly Edition

ISBN: 978-0-56-405117-5

Enjoy what was probably the first of the written accounts of the life of Jesus. Told by Mark, this dyslexia-friendly Gospel presents the story of Jesus – a man of action and authority – with emphasis on what Jesus did rather than on his words and teachings.

This dyslexia-friendly edition:

  • follows the principles for dyslexia-friendly formatting
  • uses the bestselling Good News Bible translation
  • includes iconic Annie Vallotton illustrations
  • is printed on cream-coloured matt paper to minimise reflection.

Key features

  • Short paragraphs
  • Increased line spacing
  • Larger type face- 10.5 pt
  • Cream coloured paper rather than bright white
  • Paper has high opacity so very little text shows through from the next page
  • Paper has matt finish rather than glossy paper limiting reflection
  • Follows formatting guidelines of British Dyslexia Association.

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