Z3734BT - A World of Difference

A World of Difference

ISBN: 978-1-78-259764-3

The incredible stories of 12 people of history, who made a dramatic difference to the world around them, are brought to light and life in this exciting new children’s book (for ages 6–8). From well-known to lesser-known heroes, readers will discover for themselves the lives of Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Cecil Jackson Cole and Elizabeth Fry, to name a few. Children will find out how these 12 people were all inspired by their Christian faith to be a catalyst for positive change in their neighbourhoods, nations and world.

The stories are written in an assortment of literary styles to keep readers both engaged and entertained. They are ideal for individual reading, assemblies and extra reading in schools across the history and RE curriculum.

Created in partnership with Speaking Volumes and written by Bob Hartman (the popular storyteller and author of CWR’s Talking Tales series and YouVersion’s The Bible App for Kids). Includes an illustration of each of the 12 influential historic Christians.

Full list of historic figures:

Catherine Booth

William Wilberforce

Corrie ten Boom

Thomas Barnardo

Elizabeth Fry

Michael Faraday

Harriet Tubman

Martin Luther King

Mother Teresa

Florence Nightingale

Cecil Jackson Cole

George Cadbury

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