Z3774BT - Making Disciples

Making Disciples

ISBN: 978-1-91-123708-2

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All too often modern discipleship in the church is based on presumptions that are more attuned to an academic system than a biblical apprenticeship. Jesus didn't tell his disciples to listen to him but to follow him and see how 'did' life in relationship with God. Discipleship is about relationship and journey, helping people reconnect the area of head, heart and hands - the three key areas that made and still makes Jesus' discipleship model unique.

Making Disciples is an assessment tool to be used by any church, small group or individual interested in elevating the conversation around discipleship and spiritual formation. Following an insightful seven-week course, this tool unpacks the user's strengths and gifts and ultimately helps people grow and develop as disciples of Jesus.

Run Making Disciples with your church or small group

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