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Good News Newspaper - Easter


The special April edition of Good News newspaper is the ideal way to reach your community with the good news this Easter.

This low-cost, full-colour tabloid-style paper with testimonies of celebrities and ‘ordinary Christians’ is the UK’s leading monthly evangelistic newspaper – because churches, individual Christians and city missions have found that it works.

The back page has space for your local contact details and invitation, and inside there is a guide to finding Jesus for those who want to make a commitment to Christ.

The Easter-themed features include:

  • DOCTOR RAISED FROM THE DEAD – A consultant who was dead for 1 hours and 25 mins shares the medical evidence of his own resurrection
  • LIVERPOOL MANAGER EXPLAINS EASTER – Jurgen Klopp says why Easter ‘changed everything’
  • EASTER LIVE! – Passion plays bring Easter to life across the country
  • I STILL BELIEVE – As Christian movie ‘I Still Believe’ hits UK cinemas this month – a true story of love, bereavement and faith – the editor explains how the movie’s message is the hope of Easter
  • NEW EASTER EVIDENCE – The archaeological finds backing the Bible’s account of Pontius Pilate – the man who sent Jesus to his death
  • EASTER NOVEL GIVE-AWAY– Free copies of a gripping new book based on the story of Barabbas

Also in this issue…

  • DOLLY’S CALLING – Country legend Dolly Parton feels called to direct people to God
  • ACE UP HIS SLEEVE – Former TV Gladiator ‘Ace’ tells the secret of his new life: Jesus
  • HOW TO BE HAPPY – Pharrell Williams says we need to look to God not search on Google
  • ED SHEERAN’S CHAPEL – Ed finally gets permission to build a prayer retreat
  • DOCTORS SHOCKED – Southampton pastor’s heart stopped for 15 mins, but prayer brings him back with no brain damage
  • LEFT FOR DEAD – Biker left for dead for 4 days given second chance at life
  • CRACK ADDICT SET FREE – Jesus transforms suicidal no-hoper into caring dad

… Plus all our regular features such as our film review, gardening tips, tasty recipe, challenging sudoku and fun crossword.

Good News is sold in packs of 25 at only 15p per copy plus p&p.

To place an order, click here to email Good News.

When ordering you'll need to use the code 'CPOGN' in your email.

The Easter issue will be delivered in early March.

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