Z3881TR - Pocket Testament League gospels

Pocket Testament League gospels

We’ve teamed up with the Pocket Testament League (UK) to offer special pocket-sized Gospels of John which can have a cover of your choosing, even with your church details on the back cover.

The price of £125 is a donation to cover the cost of producing a set of 250 gospels - which works out as 50p each. They include a clear explanation of the gospel and prayer. Delivery can take up to 4 weeks for PTLUK to create 250 gospels for you, or may be quicker if you order 4 sets (i.e. 1000 gospels in total). They are available in NIV, ESV or NLT.

After your order please email sales@cpo.org.uk about what you would like for the cover and to confirm translation version, as the order cannot be fulfilled until we know what you would like for your personalised cover. Some options include the following: 1. Using one of CPO’s recent designs 2. Sending us your own design, which might use the same visuals as your event, campaign or organisation by email 3. Asking us to create a design for you to your brief.

The design cost will depend on your requirements and may be subject to copyright limitations. This will be charged separately. Contact us with any questions.

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