Z3891BT - So Everyone Can Hear

So Everyone Can Hear

ISBN: 978-0-28-108214-8

Communication lies at the heart of every healthy community; the church is no exception.

In Matthew 11:15, Jesus says, 'Whoever has ears, let them hear'. How do we make sure we are saying things in a way that invites all people - no matter their background - to engage with what it means to be church today?

This colourful, engaging and practical book will help leaders and members alike be more mindful of how they ‘communicate church’ both inside and outside of it within our dynamic and ever-changing digital culture.


  1. What’s the Point?
  2. Vision and Values
  3. Prayerful planning
  4. Joining Our Story With Gods
  5. Gateways In
  6. Unlocking Strategy
  7. Who Are You Trying to Reach?
  8. Language and Lexicon
  9. How Will You Reach Them?
  10. Social Media
  11. Flow and Momentum
  12. For the Church And From The Church
  13. Growing a Church
  14. Outwardly Focused, Inwardly Strong
  15. Communication Checklists

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