Z4055PK - My Baptism Book and Cube Pack

My Baptism Book and Cube Pack

ISBN: 978-0-71-514226-4

Aimed at children aged 3+, this sturdy, robust cube and my Baptism Book is a perfect gift for a child about to be baptised or for an older sibling of a baby being baptised. You can use the cube in a fun, interactive way, to help children learn about the main features and symbols of the baptism service. The book aims to help children understand one of the most important days of a child's life. It is a beautiful personal reminder of this special day and one that a child can return to again and again. It can be used by adults and children together, or in more formal baptism preparation and includes a number of inspiring ideas on ways to use the material creatively. These gifts area perfect reminder of a special day in a child's life.


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