Z4089BT - Blood, Sweat & Jesus

Blood, Sweat & Jesus

ISBN: 978-1-78-893148-9

  • For fans of missionary biographies
  • Experience the heart of the father in a predominantly muslim culture
  • Be inspired by the work of medical teams in areas like this

For the past 25 years, a small medical team have been working at a Christian hospital in Cameroon. In an area that poses significant security risks, this group of Christian medics have been faithfully fulfilling their vision of reaching the Muslim Fulbe people with the gospel.

As well as providing much needed professional medical care, this hospital also aims to provide spiritual care for its patients. They pray daily for their patients, and also offer the chance to know Jesus. Aware of their cultural setting, this has to be done with sensitivity and respect, but many patients have come to know the reality of Jesus through miraculous answers to these prayers.

This book is a window into the lives of those who have been transformed physically through the medical care received and spiritually through hearing the Gospel and meeting Jesus for the first time. Passionate, intriguing and uplifting, the powerful testimonies from these medical missionaries remind us that God still saves people from every tribe and nation today.




1 What Happens When Terrorists Move In

2 From the Deep South to the Far North

3 People from Many Tribes and Nations

4 Seeing the Hospital for the First Time

5 The Prayer Round

6 When Only an Operation Will Do

7 Can Anyone Else Help Us?

8 An Epidemic Hidden in Shame

9 Learning to Walk again

10 Baby Jesus in the Bush

11 Faith, Fear and Fruitfulness

12 Singing Her Own Song

13 The Hardest Month of the Year

14 Death and Funerals

15 How to Change a Village


Kerry Stillman is a physiotherapist and has been based in Cameroon since 1998. Initially tasked to establish a physiotherapy department at the hospital, she continues to work there some twenty years later.


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