Z4254BT - Rejoice!


ISBN: 978-1-78-359936-3

25 Bible meditations based on Scripture verses and teaching nuggets from John Stott, with commentary and prayers from Christopher Wright. Accessible and bite-sized, fresh and exciting, each meditation deepens our appreciation of the timeless spiritual truths of Advent and Christmas.

Introduction: The God who comes and comes - and comes again

Week 1 The God who comes in Scripture's story

1 God comes rejoicing in creation

2 God comes questioning sinners

3 God comes promising a meal

4 God comes bringing life and light

5 God comes sending light to the nations

6 God comes to put things right

7 God comes bringing a whole new world

Week 2 The God who came in person

8 My rock and my salvation

9 God comes to the rescue

10 God comes to speak

11 God comes for a meal

12 God comes to stay

13 God comes to forgive

14 God comes to lead the way

Week 3 The God who came as promised

15 The One who came to do God's will

16 The promise of God's return

17 The promise of a ruler from Bethlehem

18 The promised herald of salvation

19 The promise of a transformed world

20 The promised light for the nations

21 The promised sin-bearing Servant

Week 4 The God who will come in Glory

22 Creation rejoices

23 Creation renewed

24 Creation redeemed

25 Immanuel: God with us!

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Publication Date: 19 Sep 2019

Publisher: IVP

Words: 30000

Page Count: 128

Author: Chris Wright

ISBN-13: 9781783599363, 9781783599370


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