Z4157BT - ESV Search the Scriptures Leather

ESV Search the Scriptures Leather

ISBN: 978-1-78-974301-2

ESV Search the Scriptures Leather

Do you want to study your Bible for yourself, not just receive pre-packaged answers? God has given us his Word as a vital means of encountering him, and the ESV Search the Scriptures Bible gives you the questions to go deeper in knowing him.

The Search the Scriptures Bible reading plan offers guidance for daily Bible study and aims to make it a delight as well as a source of strength. Using a question-and-answer approach, it helps you discover God's truth for yourself. Its built-in flexibility and clear presentation allow you to adapt the course to your own needs. The studies are undated so you can set your own pace working through them.

  • Questions to help you explore the entire Bible, integrated with the ESV Bible text
  • Follow the reading plan to cover the Bible in three years, or follow your own path and pace
  • Concise introductions to each book of the Bible as you meet it
  • Meaning and application for each daily passage

Search the Scriptures has been used and appreciated by many thousands of readers for over half a century. Now combined with the ESV Bible text for the first time, it gives you all you need for studying God's Word in depth in one integrated package.

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Publication Date: 4 Jun 2021

Publisher: IVP

Page Count: 1344

Author: IVP ESV Bibles

ISBN: 9781789743012

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