Training the church in all things communication is something that we are passionate about. We have a great team who specialise in different areas of expertise – and we'd love to share that expertise with you and your church. You don't need any previous background or expertise. Training sessions will explore why it matters, what to consider first in creating a plan for your church, very practical steps including real examples that you can use, and a toolkit of resources for you to take back and share with others. There'll be interactive exercises, an opportunity for questions, and plenty of input to equip you.

Others have said:

"The session made me more confident, affirmed in what I've already been doing, and given me plenty of ideas for the future"

"Really well presented and had the perfect combination of presentation and discussion. It inspired us!"


If you'd like to host a training session please contact us with the areas you are most interested in covering. Topics include: general communications strategy, social media, websites, design, noticeboards, invitations, welcome, newsheets and magazines, digital communication.

There should be a minimum 10 delegates (the more the better in terms of sharing ideas). We ask that you provide the venue, which has a projector and screen. The cost of a 3 hour session is £350 plus expenses. Dates can be negotiated depending on availability of trainers and venues.

We believe in helping churches to communicate better; so we have created a toolkit and blog with a range of links and resources to help you. Go to the toolkit website:

If you have any questions, why not have a look at our FAQs page, and see if the answer is on there, if not you can call our customer service team on 01903 263354, or email us on

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