CPO was set up by 3 designers who wanted to help with Church with communications, so moved into community and shared their belongings towards that mission. Sixty years later the world has changed, but the need has not. The 'Talking Jesus' research shows that a third of adults don't know a practising Christian, but 1 in 5 would like a conversation about Jesus. Churches need to reach their neighbours, and they need resources placed in their hands to do this.  Many have very limited time and capacity, and few have volunteer graphic designers to help out. For thousands of churches, CPO can be a communications team, equipping and motivating churches and individuals to revitalise their communications and outreach in practical ways: through design, print, advice, training, resources, listening to what people want and putting everything you need in one place. We believe this can have a strategic impact on the churches and charities we support, and it works best when it's done in partnership. 


If we're going to support the UK Church in its mission and outreach we need your prayer: prayer that God would build great partnerships for CPO and like-minded ministries and organisations; prayer for the churches using our resources and the people receiving them – may they encounter the love of Christ, prayer for creativity and imagination as we produce designs and resources; prayer for a strong and skilled team.


By choosing CPO and using our products or resources to help your church share the gospel, you are raising the bar and helping the whole Church reach the whole nation. Every time your church embarks on a new initiative or project to connect with your communities, you are changing the way ordinary people see church. We want to see the Church grow and the gospel communicated clearly and relevantly so that lives are transformed. Every time you use CPO, you are helping us invest in God's people – giving the Church the tools it needs to grow and flourish. The money goes to the Church. THANK YOU for using us, for recommending us to others, and by that, helping strengthen the Church. 


Seen something other churches could use? We love sharing the best ideas around the breadth of the church through our networks and publications, and using our reach to get the best resources to as many people as possible. So tell us about what has been working for you. You might have developed your own resource which is working in your community. Maybe others could use it too! Contact us and let us know.


CPO is a charity that only exists to serve the Church. We are passionate about helping God's people share the amazing good news in a way that changes lives, so we keep our prices as low as possible. Some of the work we do costs us money – but we do it because we believe it is valuable for God's Kingdom, and sometimes we are the only organisation with the skills, experience and equipment capable of doing it. Although we sell resources to churches via this shop, these do not cover the full cost of providing them as cheaply, quickly and professionally as we feel churches deserve. And there is far more we'd like to do: like develop video training resources on church communications, create innovative new outreach resources which we know churches could use, subsidise resources for churches in most financial need, and serve charities with excellent design and print in a way that is only possible because we are also a charity ourselves. To continue to develop our charitable activity we need to work with others. We believe in partnership. We believe in Kingdom building, not empire building. We know we need those who care as much as us about church communication and outreach. And we know all the money goes directly to serving local churches as they reach out to their communities. Would you consider investing in this?


If you are interested in leaving a legacy to CPO please contact us for some more information. Thank you.