Blessed are the Chosen - An Interactive Bible Study - Season 2

Blessed are the Chosen - An Interactive Bible Study - Season 2

The Chosen - Official UK 2024 Calendar

The Chosen - Official UK 2024 Calendar

The Chosen - Tract (Pack of 50)

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Tract reads:

You have the map, you have the clues and it’s down to you to solve the puzzles, crack the code, and find the hidden treasure. It’s good fun, but it’s usually just a game and often when you find
the treasure it’s not really that exciting in the end. For many of us, it feels like the secrets of a happy and fulfilled life are consistently out of our reach. Maybe we could find them if just got that big break…
THE PERFECT JOB that fits us like a glove and we feel we were born to do
THE LOTTERY WIN that ends our money worries and gives us freedom
THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP that special person who loves us and who we can love
HEALTH AND WELLBEING being fit and well, physically, mentally, emotionally
AN END TO OUR ADDICTIONS that promise the earth but never deliver, and end up devouring us

But what if that treasure we were after was actually much closer at hand than we ever realised? What if it turned out that each of us was not just special, with a unique potential, but actually chosen for so much more than we have yet experienced? Around 2,000 years ago, that was the experience of a random bunch of ordinary men and women, who encountered and decided to follow someone who delivered on his promises. A figure who has changed history, and the lives of countless millions ever since. JESUS OF NAZARETH.

But what was it like for those ordinary people whose lives were transformed, and who went on to change the world themselves? For the first time, a new TV drama series has been bringing to
life the story of Jesus — taking the original words of the New Testament and bringing fresh perspective on those stories from the Bible.

The Chosen has so far seen three seasons of programmes produced, with more to come, and it’s helping people understand who Jesus is, often for the first time. You can stream all episodes free at, and it’s also available on Amazon Prime, YouTube and via The Chosen app, available as a free download for iOS and Android.

You’ll be entertained, intrigued—and moved. And you might just discover a life-transforming treasure that changes yours.

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More Information
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