Z4286IVC - Trinity - Illustrated Verse Cards

Trinity - Illustrated Verse Cards

This set of colourful cards are an exploded illustrated book, taking you on a journey around a particular theme. Not being bound gives it the freedom to be more accessible and helps you explore it each day anyway you choose. Discover other themes in the collection.


The Holy Trinity; mysterious, majestic, all powerful yet so gentle and welcoming. Eternity will not be long enough to enjoy the depths of His love. Uncover some of the mysterious beauty of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Discover His power, humility, creativity and fierce love along with much more.

Gift Box Dimensions 135 mm (h) x 100 mm (h) x 75 mm (d)


45 Thick Luxurious Cards 122x90mm, using FSC Certified Card, printed using the highest quality printing methods, with gold and shine added throughout.

A beautiful and practical magnetic wooden stand is also included. It measures approximately 50x30x16mm. This can be used to hold an individual card up, displaying it. Or you can use its magnetic ability to pin a card to the fridge or other metal surface of your choice.

Made by Livingandpowerful


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